Friday , 25 August 2017



Two of the morning in Malaysia, lying on my bed, fan on second speed and One Republic playing in the background. Water bottle on the table and laptop on my lap.  It may seem somewhat sober but promising and suitable for me purpose: to open a blog.

It doesn’t seem the beginning of a great story despite the great soundtrack; however it will be. And it will be because in the end I decided to write my adventures and anecdotes in the style of “National Geographic”. And, despite I’m in the exams period and the connection of internet is prehistoric, I hope to write at least once or twice a week and keep in touch with all of you.

First question that haunts my mind: Why do I speak in plural if I’m alone in the room … Best spent with the second Where to begin? What I can tell? If I remember correctly, my senior professor of Language and Literature, Juan Martinez, said that to write good news we should meet at 6 W, alluding to the English terms: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? Or what is the same: Who? What? Where? When? Why? And How?



I guess I have to describe myself here. For those who doesn’t know me, if you want to know more about me you can follow me on Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, youtube as GOM Planet. You can also follow me on Instagram as @gom14.

My name is German and I am 22 years old. I am a Spanish boy born in a village in Andalucia, Velez Rubio. Currently residing in Malaysia where I am finishing my studies in Economics. Years ago I have been living in Granada (Spain) and Nottingham (UK).

I consider myself a sports enthusiast in general but especially basketball. Where there is a basket, there you will find me. I love to travel (who doesn’t?) And of course good music. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to ask 😉



What do I want tell? Everything. From the smallest things such as shopping to the most spectacular. Always from a different point of view, with humor and mischief.



Currently in Malaysia and the whole area of ​​Southeast Asia. Singapore, Bali, Cambodia and Thailand are among the destinations.



When the WIFI connection, the time and the university will allow.



I guess because of the insistence of my brother (olivaresmerlos) and the desire to transmit and show people everything that is happening to me and so I am extremely grateful. Okay, to be honest, I would also like to gain followers and become famous to so impress the girls, since having blue eyes and the Spanish accent may not be enough for these lands.



Through the network of networks, internet.

Hope you are excited about the idea so much like me and that you like everything that is going to be posted. If you have any questions about anything you want to know or know how it works, do not hesitate to ask.