Friday , 16 February 2018
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What to do in Nottingham?


Cradle of the legend of Robin Hood and the legendary football club Nott’s Forest, the town of Nottingham lives away from that splendor of yesteryear. Located in the county of Nottinghamshire; however, it maintains its position and worldwide fame thanks to the main university in the city: The University of Nottingham, rated as one of the 75 best in the ... Read More »

Sydney Attractions


Sydney Harbour Bridge The Sydney Harbour Bridge is certainly one of the main tourist Sydney attractions and one of the symbols of the city. Its inauguration took place in 1932 after more than eight years in construction. Also known as “coathanger,” it is characterized by the highest arch bridge in the world. With about 1200 meters long and 49 meters ... Read More »

10+1 Interesting Facts about the Sydney Opera House


Being one of the most famous buildings in the world because of its peculiar and characteristic silhouette, the Sydney Opera House has, both inside and outside, many interesting facts. Here you have the “10 + 1 Interesting Facts about the Sydney Opera House”. 1. The architect who won the competition to design the Sydney Opera House, Jorn Utzon, saw his ... Read More »

TOP 5 Kyoto Temples

Do you like Asia? Do you like Japan? Are you interested in other cultures? In this new post I will show you the best temples in Japan. Are you ready? Here you have the TOP 5 Kyoto Temples. KENNIN-JI: The Oldest Zen Temple in Kyoto Kennin-ji is a temple of the Zen sect, one of the main branches of Japanese ... Read More »

Things to do in Osaka

In this new journey I entered for the first time in the land of the rising sun, Japan. During my 6 days in Nipponese land I had the opportunity to visit two of its most historically significant cities: Osaka and Kyoto. If you want to know how was my adventure and the things to do in Osaka, do not hesitate ... Read More »

Guide to visit Singapore and not to break the bank while doing it

Singapore, or that place that fascinates me, is undoubtedly one of the cities that you have to see if you are in Southeast Asia. I like it so much that, although 2 of the 3 times I’ve been in Singapore has been under compulsion (visa problems with Malaysia), I never get tired of going and never regret it. Okay, okay, ... Read More »

Discovering ANGKOR WAT


Located 5’5km north from Siem Reap, in the homonymous province of Camboya, it is built one of the most fascinating complex of temples in the world. The area of Angkor, the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire in the ninth and fifteenth centuries, was inhabited by small towns from the first century AD, but its golden age began in the ... Read More »

Hong Kong Attractions


Hong Kong is located on the south east cost of the Republic People of China. The former British colony consists of 3 main areas: Hong Kong island, Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories. Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated places on the planet. Its dramatic cityscape climbs to the hill side and the edges of its spectacular ... Read More »

Tri Campus Games Nottingham 2015


Every four years the world of sport and fans in general, look on with astonishment and expectation the largest international sporting event which is considered one of the most important moments of union of humanity: the Olympics Games. Each year the University of Nottingham celebrates an event of lower global impact than the Olympics but no less important, since it ... Read More »

What to do in Bangkok?


If you are like I was, that is, with a mini holidays ahead and eager to travel to the Thai capital, this post will be of great help. Today I bring you some tips to keep in mind if you are thinking about visiting Bangkok. Are you ready? Well here we go. What to eat in BANGKOK? I must admit ... Read More »