Tuesday , 21 March 2017
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Holidays in BALI


For the Spanish, the island of Bali has always been regarded as one of the typical honeymoon destinations for newly married couples. I think all of us have ever heard of that, “Yes, we’re a going for a couple of weeks to Bali to enjoy its beaches and tranquility.” But, is this really true? Are its beaches as beautiful as ... Read More »



AWAY FOR HOME For many, being away from his family and loved ones in such an important day as a birthday could be something sad. However, when you’re with a group of extraordinary people as which I have been fortunate to be with, the distance becomes much more bearable. SWEET 23 IN MELAKA For my 23rd birthday I was lucky ... Read More »

Destination Malaysia: LANGKAWI


Taking advantage of my current geographical position, I think I’m faced with a great opportunity to present and to show you my host country: MALAYSIA. And, although in this post I will talk about one of his wonderful islands, Langkawi, first let me make you a brief introduction about Malaysia.   MALAYSIA Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia consisting ... Read More »

Travel to South Korea: SEOUL, SEOUL, SEOUL


If I ask you about South Korea, it is likely that two things will come to your mind: the famous song and dance of few years ago, “Gangnam Style” and the name of Gamal Al-Ghandour along with the memory of the “Spanish National Team” defeat in the quarterfinals of the world Cup in Korea and Japan 2002 at the hands ... Read More »